Thursday, December 6, 2007

Update and Prayer Request

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry I've been absent in posting updates. The good news is that Jeff continues to get closer to "normal" with each passing day.

I will update one specific prayer request we had and I apologize for my tardiness. Jeff was home for Thanksgiving! He was able to go to California for 2 days and see a lot of his old friends and our parents. His trip was short, but I'm glad he got to take it. Thank you again for praying to that end.

One specific prayer request we have is for Jeff's shoulder. If you recall, he fell in the hospital. He had repeatedly asked for an Orthopedic consultation and they assured him that he was just sore. When his pain persisted, he asked again and they said he was just stiff from being immobilized while he healed. When he got out of the hospital and continued to go to PT, his Physical Therapist finally ordered a consult for him. The Orthopedist thinks that Jeff may have a torn rotator cuff. Jeff had an MRI this week and he goes to the Orthopedist this coming Monday to review the results. If the MRI indicates the tear, Jeff will have to undergo another surgery, which he is already stressed about.

Would you pray that the results are conclusive. We of course pray that he won't need surgery but if that is the case, would you pray that they are able to find what the source of his pain is? And if he does need surgery, would you pray that Jeff's nerves are calmed and that he has peace going in to whatever procedure(s) they determine to be necessary?

We're so grateful to have Jeff home for the holidays. He gets stronger every day and he is already eager to return to work and other normal activities.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughtfulness?