Monday, October 15, 2007

Leave a Voice Message for Jeff or Send Snail Mail

Jeff is continuing to gain consciousness and even when he is not completely lucid, he can hear us. We'd love it if he could hear your voices, too. Obviously, he can't communicate by phone so I've set this up instead. We'll take the recordings here to the hospital and play them for him in the background.


We do not know if Jeff remembers what has happened or not. If he does NOT remember, we certainly don't want to help him remember just yet because it will agitate him which could cause him to move and hurt himself, or send his blood pressure up, or any other number of risks.

1. DO NOT reference the accident, fire, damage, etc.

2. DO NOT reference anything like Becky, Chris, Batman or the building being "ok" or "safe" or anything like that because we don't want him thinking that there was ever a possibility that they weren't ok, which could confuse him if he has no memory of the events.

3. It IS OK to tell him that you hope he feels better, that he heals quickly, etc. He obviously knows he's in pain, even if he doesn't know why.

4. DO identify yourself in your message. In his medicated state, he may or may not recognize voices, especially out of context without a face to match them to so we want to minimize confusion. At this point in time, please only leave a message if you know him personally. While we appreciate the prayers and well wishes of strangers, I reiterate that the goal is to avoid confusing or agitating him, so we don't want him at this point straining himself to try to figure out who strangers are.

5. This will be played in his room in the background throughout the day. Any message you leave could be heard by any of us (his family and friends here), as well as by any one on the medical staff so please know that this is not private. Please keep your messages short, appropriate and respectful for a public setting.

6. You don't HAVE to talk about his current condition if you don't want to. If you just want to "chat" about general life, that's fine too. Just hearing the voices of his friends will help improve his morale. You can talk to him over this recording just like you would if you were sitting face to face. Obviously please make sure what you're discussing is calm in nature but general chit chat can be helpful to him too.

7. LASTLY, if you post the link to this recorder anywhere else, PLEASE make sure you post these guidelines with it or just direct people to this post instead of the recorder directly. We need to do everything we can to keep him calm, and in good spirits and we don't want to confuse him or agitate him.

THANK YOU ALL for your love and support!

To leave him a message, just click "record by phone" and follow the instructions. Obviously when and for what length of time we are able to play these will depend on how he's doing each day so bear with us. We'll share these with him as soon as we think we safely can and even if he can't listen to them til he's home from the hospital, I know they will be of huge encouragement to him.

Some people have asked how they can send things to Jeff.

If you'd like to send cards, letters, pictures, trinkets, etc, please feel free.

He cannot receive plants, flowers, or food because of the risk they pose of bringing in foreign germs.

If you'd like to send anything, please send it to:

Jennifer Wright
550 W Baseline Rd
Ste 102-132
Mesa, AZ 85210

Make sure my name is on the package or they will not deliver it to my box. We go to the hospital every day so we will bring anything you like up to him. If you have my personal address here at home, you can use it to send things, too.

The hospital has requested that people NOT contact them directly because they obviously need to spend as much time with the patients as possible and as little time on the phone or sorting through mail, etc. Please use this blog and his family as intermediaries if you want any info or if you want to pass anything on to him.


Kristin said...

Just a note to say that I am praying!!!!

Sarah Volkmann said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Jeff. I am sending something in the mail. Get better soon.

Anonymous said...

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