Monday, October 22, 2007

October 22: Continued Progress

Jeff had a really good day today. He was lucid the entire day and even gave some lip to the doctors so we know his spunk is back.

He woke up and his nurses were gently telling him that they were going to check him and set him up to have a restful day. He said "no" and told them that today all the tubes were coming out, that he WAS going to have a shower, and that he WAS going to get up and walk today! And you know what? He did it all! He's tired today and he struggles with being lonely during the time that we're not allowed to be there (and when we have to sleep!) but we're trying to give him lots of things to fill his time. He's frustrated with the fact that he has to rebuild his motor skills and that he can't get well as soon as he would like. But at least we are encouraged that he is more himself. Would you pray that he is comforted, especially in the quiet hours?

We had a little excitement tonight. Mom W. and Tina, PLEASE DON'T WORRY, but Todd and Becky were in a VERY MINOR fender bender (not accident!) tonight on the way home from the hospital. They are 100% ok and unharmed but this just adds one more thing to our plates, stress wise because there are always hassles with insurance, adjustors, etc and I'm sure we'd all love to have as little to focus on as possible. Would you just pray for a renewing of our spirits and's been a tiring week for all of us. This fender bender was the other driver's fault so hopefully there won't be much for Todd and Becky to do, but we'd love your prayers that everything goes smoothly. Also, they're both just a little bit sore from the impact so would you pray that they are well rested and restored to comfort in the morning?

We're on our way back to the hospital now to bring Jeff some dinner (he wanted Del Taco and Red Robin today--yay that he's eating solid food) so we have to pick up the Red Robin and then get back up there--he's feisty and gets on our case if we're not there at the exact moment visiting hours resume--again, another sign that he's back to himself! I'll take feisty!

Thanks, friends!


Jamie Steiner said...

That's encouraging that he's doing so much better! It must be nice to have a little bit of the old Jeff back. I'll continue to pray for his recovery and for your family during this trying time.

Carey Harrison said...

I too will pray for Jeff although I do not know him. I found this blog while searching for news of MY brother....Jeff Harrison. He is an LTC battalion commander w/10th Mountain in Iraq. I wish a swift recovery to YOUR Jeff. CH

Liana said...

Hahaha, Jeff Is soooo Funny!!!! That really sounds like our Jeff. Bossing around the doctors and nurses... Way to go Jeff! Hang in there and keeo being strong. You too Jen and I am thankful you are doing this blog. I am sure you are just exhausted as you come home and to write a whole page is so thoughtful of you. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Jim Swindle said...

Good news! Thanks. Praise be to God, and many thanks to the hospital staff.

Also a quick prayer for God's blessing for the Jeff Harrison in Iraq.