Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 18: Surgery Postponed

The hospital just called. They have decided to forgo Jeff's surgery today because his saturation levels of oxygen are too low. I guess a normal side effect of the excessive fluids they give a burn victim to keep them irrigated is that the fluid transfers itself to the lungs. They're doing another bronchostomy today that will hopefully relieve immediate pressure, but they said it could take a couple of days to get the general problem under control. They said that the problem was unexpected in Jeff's particular case, but not abnormal in burn victims in general so they are not particularly worried--we're just disappointed that the surgery can't happen. But again, as I said last night, we're exceedingly grateful for God's provision of wise and skilled doctors who are able to discern when to be aggressive and when to give him more time and we are confident that this will play a huge part in Jeff's long term recovery.

Visiting hours start in half an hour so we're scooting out now. I'll be back to update around 11:00 tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Jen, I very much believe in the power of prayer and even more so, the power of united prayer. I will, of course, be in prayer for Jeff. Have you considered appointing a time for all the readers of your blog to join in united prayer for Jeff. I would be happy to join in that effort.
Corinne Wollesen