Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 27: Physical Therapy

There were no significant changes yesterday. The biggest news is that they're really trying to push Jeff in the way of physical therapy. They've installed a trapeze over his bed for stretching (he has to reach up and grab/push this metal triangle on a sliding bar) and they've got him using an exercise band. One particularly uncomfortable change was that they had to splint Jeff's arm because he'd been cradling it in one position. Pulling it back in to place was painful and difficult and he's been significantly more uncomfortable since. They also tried to install a different kind of port in his arm and after a lot of prodding, poking and digging they still couldn't get it positioned right so they abandoned efforts for the night. But the port in his chest needs to be replaced because the old one has been in there too long and is getting infected. But replacing this port with another like it is not a good option because they only last a couple days and we'd hate for him to have to endure the replacement procedure that often. The port in the arm would be able to last 2 weeks if they can get it in. Whatever they decide, would you pray it goes smoothly for him with as little discomfort as possible?

Everything else is going fine. His wounds continue to heal at a remarkable rate, and he gets more active every day. Yesterday he was moved to a room with a roommate who was significantly more badly burned than Jeff and who is healing very well (and is much farther along in the progress) so I'm hoping that seeing his progress will encourage Jeff. Plus I think both guys will appreciate the company in the off hours when visitors are not allowed.

Thank you for your prayers! I apologize for the short update!

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