Friday, October 19, 2007

October 19: A Good Night Last Night

Jeff's fever is finally gone and has stayed away! Hooray! I'm praying it won't return because he was miserable. He had to lay on a blanket set at 40 degrees and he was packed in ice--we could visibly see how uncomfortable he was so I hope he doesn't have to do that again.

His nurse said all of his other vital signs stayed stable throughout the night, too!

To that end, they've put him back on the surgery schedule. However, he's 4th in line so I don't know how realistic it is that he'll have it today and I don't know that he'd be done by that 3:00 deadline so he may still have that tube in for the rest of the weekend. I know he'll get the surgery when it's the right time for it, but for his own sake I just pray that that time is soon.

We'll get to see him in a couple hours. I'll update again tonight, Lord willing with good news.


Kara said...

I'm SOOOO glad he's feeling better and getting better. My thoughts are with him and you guys. I'm his ex roomie Kara. Me and my sister are praying for him to have a quick recovery

Karen & Bob Henning said...

That's terrific news, Jen! We hope this news will relieve some of the stress you, your Mom and the rest that are keeping a bedside vigil have been under. Uncle Bob is anxious to talk to your Mom when she's up to calling.

Please tell Jeff we are keeping him and all of you in our prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.

And thank YOU for keeping the blog updated in such a timely manner. Your reports are very articulate and thorough. It is very comforting for those of us who are so far away to be able to get the latest report on Jeff's condition as easily as logging on to our computers.

All our love and hugs, Aunt Karen & Uncle Bob XOXO

liana Kalin said...

That is so awesome!!! I hope that everything he needs gets done soon so he come have his life back. It kills be to know that he has to lie in bed helpless in pain. Do m a favor if one of you all read this. If he is coherant at all, and he will understand this, Tell him that Liana said, " The doctor says I need a backiatami!" This is a long running joke he has and has always made me laugh, and I hope him remembering those good times will put a smile on his face. I am anxious to hear good news, so I hope that the day goes well. Also have Rose e-mail me one of these days, I would love to chat with her about things I could do to help. I don't want to over step my boundries but Jeff has always made the last 8 years of my life so much fun. I am here for anything you guys need.


Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.