Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 18: A setback

Jeff's surgery has been postponed indefinitely. They determined today after a series of exams and xrays that he does indeed have pneumonia.

While this is typical for burn victims, it's still scary. The doctor warned us from the get go that this could be one of his biggest risks (even more so than the actual injuries) so they are taking very careful care of this. They're not any more worried about Jeff than they would be about another burn victim with pneumonia, so that is a good sign, but it's still a significant step backwards. They did a broncheoscopy (correction from my post this morning) and suctioned off "a ton" of gunk from his lungs so that was good. But he's continued to cough today which is productive, but uncomfortable.

He's also exhausted from all the trauma yesterday. We're a bit discouraged because it seems that there was just some miscommunication and there was no reason Jeff should have had to endure yesterday without pain medication. Thankfully, it's rectified today and he's resting deeply. Also, one of the medications he's currently on has an amnesiac in it so while he felt the pain at the time, he shouldn't remember it.

We're home early and didn't get to see him much today because they asked us to let him rest and not try to stimulate him by talking to him or touching him. We all took the opportunity to come home and get some rest for ourselves, because we're all, understandably, very tired.

The great news is that his oxygen levels were 98-100% this afternoon and his temperature has stayed all day around 98 degrees. His blood pressure was high this morning too, but they got it down by the time we left this afternoon.

The doctor said we could know as early as tomorrow if the pneumonia is responding to the antibiotics so today is really just a waiting game. They may go through with the surgery tomorrow if it looks like the antibiotics are working but if not, we'll just have to keep waiting til we know one way or the other.

Pray for my mom--this is hard on her as I'm sure any parent can understand. Pray for Chris and Becky too--I can't imagine what witnessing that must have been like. Becky flew home with her mom tonight and will drive back tomorrow with Chris so we'd appreciate your continued prayers for traveling mercies.

We'll go up tonight at bed time--hopefully his numbers will have persisted at a good rate and he'll have a peaceful evening.


Shaina said...

Continuing to pray for all of you. Much love! Let me know if there is anything I can do on my end.

Love and Hugs


Ana said...

Dear Ones,

I hope to extend a bit of comfort in knowing just how many are praying for Jeff and your whole family. I have extended this site and urgent prayer request to my loved ones which reach not only California, but Canada, England, Australia, & China. We love you and place our trust in Jesus for a mighty work of healing physically and emotionally.

Blessings to you all,
Chris' cousin Ana

Jennifer Benton said...


I just wanted to let you know you have many many people praying for Jeff, the whole family, and friends. They span many continents. May our God of comfort and peace be with you all.

Hugs and Prayers,

Jennifer Benton

David said...

Myself, my family and my friends all are praying for the best for Jeff.
I know this must be rough on all of you. Keep a smile in your heart.

My Best Wishes,
David Dryman