Sunday, November 11, 2007

November 11: First Full Week Home

Hi everyone,

Jeff had a great first week home. On Monday we spent of time getting all the ducks in a row for his outpatient follow up treatments at the burn clinic, and at Physical and Occupational Therapy. Fortunately we have a great advocate at the hospital who helped us cut through a lot of red tape.

Jeff had some good days and some tougher days but overall he is doing well. On Wednesday they took the bandages off his arms and now he has these pressure garments to wear that he'll have for up to a year. They are really tight so they cause him some discomfort but I think he's adjusting. As soon as the graft on his leg is ready, he'll get one for his leg, too. What the garments do is help his new and grafted skin grow smooth and flush with his existing skin. He's getting some blisters on his hands and I'm not sure if that is from the garment or not so hopefully the clinic on Wednesday will give him some insight in to that.

Jeff came to church with us this morning, then out to lunch and then to our house this afternoon and he had a full day of activity yesterday so we've been excited at the continued increase in his energy and activity level. They also decreased his pain medication so he is more uncomfortable but is tolerating it well and I guess it's a good sign that they thought that he was strong enough to do that.

Thanks for continuing to follow his progress. We're praying for another great week!

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