Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 30: Evaluation Tomorrow

Jeff is scheduled for an evaluation tomorrow wherein the doctors will undress his wounds to determine whether or not the grafts are melding with his own skin. A discovery during surgery gave them a little bit of concern. When they removed the pigskin from his leg during the surgery, they found that there was little to no improvement, indicating that the skin was not as receptive as the rest of his burns had been. So there is some potential that this same area will also not have been receptive to the skin grafts. Please pray that the doctors find good news tomorrow when they unbind him. Also, as I mentioned before, when his donor site comes in contact with the air, he is likely to be in even more pain than he is now, so please also pray for comfort for him tomorrow as they introduce this change.

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Just a quick note letting you know you all are still in my thoughts and prayers.